Project Description



Soda steam is a smart, simple, handy soda water maker. Get soda water conveniently and efficiently from the tap.

Carbonated water produced by adding carbon dioxide (food grade Co2 gas) from a pressurized cylinder. This machine is popular because of economic cost, a very simple and convenient way in an instant to enjoy tasty fresh sparkling water.

With sodasteam, you are flexible to have your own sparkling drinks by adjusting the fizziness and flavor level to your favorite. It is a must-have kitchen appliance.

The Splash Play Sparkling Water Maker makes carbonating water easy with the quick snap-lock bottle insertion. The simple and sophisticated design, available in any colors as customized, fits nicely into any home kitchen.

• Carbonation level customizable
• Snap Lock System: a system that allows you to attach the bottle to the carbonator with a simple push, without attaching it.
• Autolift System: once and hold the top of the machine, for gassing, this system automatically returns the bottle to its original position.
• 60L CO2 Carbonator
• 1L BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle equipped
• New design is welcome to make new tooling
• No require power supply, transform normal tap water into sparkling water.

DESCRIPTION Package Packing List
Full product pack 6 unit per CTN
Material:Super Grade with Art-finished spary & UV coating. machine 1 G.W. 17.96
Color:Red/Black/Orange/Yellow/Green/White or customized color. soda bottle 1 N.W. 16.06
Maker Dimension: 207x155x436mm nozzle cover 1 MEAS 52.5X51X47 cm
Weight: 2.2 kg (with a 1000ml bottle) gas cylinder without gas inside 1 20FCL 1056pcs= 176 CTN
MOQ: 20 FCL of each color & 2000 units of customized color. user manual    Size: A4/A3 folder 1 40FCL 2208pcs=368CTN
gift box      Meas: 26x17x45.5cm 1 40 HQ 2760pcs=         460 CTN


CO2 reusable vessel cylinder Height: 330mm
Diameter: 60mm
Net weight:750g
Gross weight:1100kg (with 400g gas)
Pressure value: 216 bar
Materials: Aluminum alloy
Warranty: recycling for 8 years.
1000ml           PET bottle Color: Grey or White
Height: 255mm
Diameter: 90mm
Net weight:110g
Compressive resistances: 145 psi
Warranty: 3 years
Co2 Adapter Materials: Copper
Height: 48mm
Top diameter: 20mm
Bottom diameter: 28mm
Purpose: connect with vessel cylinder and CO2 materials.