Project Description

Atmospheric Water System

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) extracts water from ambient air humidity.
In contrast to air dehumidifiers, an AWG is designed to produce drinking water.
High-tech filter systems purify the water and provide the good quality of portable water.
Water from Air is the purest drinking water you’ve ever had.

Mobile AWG Solutions-All-IN-ONE

Firsth2o MOBILE WATER TRAILER SYSTEM includes one atmospheric water generators, one onboard diesel generator and 500 liters stainless steel food grade water storage tank, capable of generating up to 500 liters of purified water per day. An additional tap outlet allows a hose to be fitted for other applications besides for drinking. As a completely self-contained, self-sufficient mobile water trailer system.


With a system that is highly customized to meet specific customer requirements and easy to set up and transport, the mobile water trailer meets the needs of following industries:

  • Construction & infrastructure and Mining
  • Exploration and Environmental Surveying
  • Emergency Services and Disaster Relief
  • NGOs and government departments
  • Armed Forces
  • Wildlife Resorts
  • Off-shore platforms
  • Rural community
  • In remote, hard to reach locations or areas where safe drinking water supply have not been available.

Quick Facts:

  1. Full system is installed and mounted on a trailer, able to be pulled on a standard pickup truck trailer.
  2. Up to 500 liters purified water per day(at 30° and relative humidity 80%).
  3. 600 liters stainless steel food grade holding water tank.
  4. 45 liters diesel tank provides 8 hours continuous use (one liter of diesel produces 8-10 liters of water).
  5. Dual power options-enabling operation either from onboard diesel generator or alternative power sources, such as mains electricity. Excess power can be used to run other applications.
  6. Any colors are available as customers’ request.

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