Project Description

2022 New 400GPD Reverse Osmosis Machine

Model No.: SNOWPAD

Tankless Compact water filter from China with reliable quality and reasonable price.

Nice design water filter with slim size and fast delivery time.


Touchscreen for power, filter cartridge selection, flush and reset.

Filter cartridge lifetime reminder on LED display.

4-Stage filter cartridges: PP, CTO, RO, T-33.

Easy change bayonet filters. Automatic shuts water off at both the filter and the base.

Integrated water flow. No tubes and fittings, no leakage risk.

Pure water flow around 1.2 liter per minute.

Compact and super slim design. With only 10.5cm width.

NSF certificated RO membrane.

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    400GPD high flow
    Multi-touch Panel
    Ro membrane
    11 Waster Water Ratio
    Multi-Ro filtration
    Bayonet Filter Cartridges
    106mm Ultra-thin size