Project Description

Atmospheric Water System

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) extracts water from ambient air humidity.
In contrast to air dehumidifiers, an AWG is designed to produce drinking water.
High-tech filter systems purify the water and provide the good quality of portable water.
Water from Air is the purest drinking water you’ve ever had.

Solar Atmospheric Water Generators


Solar Atmospheric Water Generators can be excellent options in hot, humid areas- especially where electricity is unavailable or unreliable, and water quality is poor. They extract water from humid air by harnessing the power of the sun instead of using electricity.

Firsth2o Alternative Energy water making machines, are designed with lower power consumption requirements, so they are ideal for operating with alternative energy products, such as solar, wind turbines etc.

Working Principle:

  1. The individual developed hi-tech inverter can transport AC110-220V to the load DIRECTLY. Meanwhile invert energy to the electrical box where batteries stored for use of other appliances if needed.
  2. The Air Water Generator (AWG) can work automatically if power supplied from inverter will be sufficient when the solar panels with enough sunshine at daytime. And works with power from batteries which might be charged during the daytime or sometimes both of them.
  3. The equipped solar panels should be power enough for the AWG works at all the day and the batteries fully charged in the same time. And the full charged batteries can supply power to the AWG for at least 7 hours at night when the solar panels lose power.


  • Turning air into water,offering pure,clean and safe ambient water.
  • Programmable logic Control(PLC) integration
  • Human Machine interface(HMI)
  • Consumption Reduction by 20%-30%
  • Varied Color Selection
  • Water Generation as low as 35% Relative Humidity
  • Trailer & Power Generators Available
  • Panasonic or Daikin compressors
  • Solar Power Option
  • Phase-sequence Protection / Delay Protection / Oil Pressure Differencial Protection / Overheat & Overload Protection
  • Auto Shutdown mechanism when water tank is full.
  • Direct Tap access for community use.
  • Remote internet system monitoring can be customized for options.

AWG filter Specifications:

1. Electrostatic Air filter
2. Sediment filter
3. Pre-carbon filter
4. UV Sterilization
5. Reverse Osmosis filter
6. Post-carbon filter
7.  Resin Filter

Solar Panel:180W/pcs-64pcs
Solar Inverter:6.5KW
Solar Battery:12V-200Ah,18pcs
Capacity of AWG:200L/D

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