What is Atmospheric Water Generation?2015-09-20T10:57:51+00:00

Atmospheric Water Generators is a technology-based process used to condense water from the air, then capture moisture and filter it into drinkable, pure and clean water.

How does it work?2015-09-20T10:57:30+00:00

Air Water Machine products collect water from humidity in the atmosphere. This air is chilled to the “dew point” and the moisture is condensed onto patented, specially food-grade coated coils, then purified by advanced filtration system to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water. This technology enables significant amounts of water to be extracted from the air and purified efficiently at a relatively low cost per liter or gallon.

Under what environmental conditions is an atmospheric water generator able to produce water?2015-09-20T10:56:54+00:00

Our technology will produce clean water effectively and economically from the air with humidity as low as 35%. Optimal water generation depends on average temperature and relative humidity.  Higher humidity and temperature conditions improve the cost effectiveness of producing clean water.

What kind of energy is used and how much is required?2015-09-20T10:53:27+00:00

All FIRSTH2O models use electricity as standard design, but Solar-Powered or Wind-Powered or Diesel Generators combined can be selected as Optional source of energy can be selected and tailored-manufactured.

The residential from 15L/D to 60L/D, for use in the home and office, uses 550 watts of electricity.

The Commercial Atmospheric Water Generators are three-phase electrical power; the unit can be easily integrated into the existing electrical utility system.

In a word, normally average consume 1KWH electricity to produce 2 liters of water at 30℃ ambient temperature and 80% humidity level.

What does it take to operate and maintain atmospheric water generators?2015-09-20T10:52:36+00:00

FIRSTH2O Atmospheric Water Generator units are designed to operate continuously and only require modest periodic maintenance consisting of filter changes and general cleaning.

For the commercial and community products, we are designing have an option of remote monitoring via internet service that allows for predicting scheduled maintenance and monitoring of key operational parameters of the equipment.

Air filters should be replaced four to six times a year depending on local atmospheric conditions. Water filters should be replaced two to four times per year depending on the model in service. These cartridges take only minutes to replace using an automated system shutdown feature. Typically no compressor maintenance is required.

What kind of warranties and servicing will be available for FIRSTH2O Air Water Machine units?2015-09-20T10:52:13+00:00

We have warranties that provide replacement of defective parts for up to one year (excludes regular maintenance items such as filters) and two years warranty on compressor from purchasing date.

Dirty intake air filters need to be cleaned and water filters that need to be replaced. The units have safety features that will prevent damage to the units from operating in temperatures above 44 C (111 F) or in freezing temperatures.

It doesn’t rain much here; will this still work in my location?2015-09-20T10:48:23+00:00

Our technology will work anywhere with a temperate climate and moderate to high humidity. Our systems do not need the weather fronts and mountain ranges which usually produce rainfall.

Does the air quality affect the taste of the water?2015-09-20T10:47:59+00:00

The air quality does not affect the taste of the water for a number of reasons.

The water is filtered through one air filter and 5-stage filters.

We have a pre-carbon and post-carbon filter; these two filters are specially designed to remove odours and nasty taste for the water.

Does our water contain any minerals?2015-09-20T10:47:29+00:00

Our TCR carbon filters are used to provide elements and minerals for human body, raise pH level to light alkaline, improve taste.

How often do I have to change the filters?2015-09-20T10:46:56+00:00

Recommended Timing for Filter Replacement (It might be verified according to different water consumption.

The timing below is based on 10 liters water consumption per day.):

  1. LF2 zeolite + active carbon :1-2 months(ammonia removal)
  2. Pre-carbon filter: 3-6 months
  3. Post carbon filter : 6-9 months
  4. RO membrane : 15-24 months
  5. TCR carbon filter: 6-9 months
  6. PPF or Zeolite+active carbon: 9-12 months
  7. UV light bulb 12 months or upon UV fault warning


The above recommended service timing is for reference only.

After a long period of service, we recommend that you replace the filters to ensure that your unit will always produce the cleanest and purest drinking water effectively.

How will I know when to make the changes?2015-09-20T10:46:14+00:00

The filters needing to be replaced are easily identified on the digital operational indicator located on the unit so there is no guess work! There is a filter exchange indication for each individual filter on the digital indicator which shows the exchange term of each filter.

Is the water produced from an AWG really pure and safe?2015-09-20T10:45:54+00:00

Yes, the water is pure, safe and clean, as well as great tasting. Water that is produced starts out cleaner as it is the vapor/humidity in the air that we breathe, rather than dirty, contaminated ground water that needs to be purified. The filtration system is efficient and extremely effective and utilizes multiple safeguards as well as Ultra Violet lights to eradicate any bacteria. Worldwide Water test reports are available to be convinced.

When the reservoir is full will the machine continue to make water?2015-09-20T10:45:37+00:00

Once the reservoir is filled, the machine will stop making water and will begin to make water once the level begins to drop.

Is taking water from the atmosphere harmful to the environment?2015-09-20T10:45:12+00:00

Not at all. Water is constantly evaporating into the air. We condense humidity every day using dehumidifiers and air conditioning systems in buildings and cars, and that moisture is returned to the atmosphere when it evaporates.

Is there any plumbing needed for the Firsth2o AWG System, and can I attach an external water source to it?2015-09-20T10:45:17+00:00

There is no plumbing required for the Unit. Just plug it into a mains socket and it’ll be ready to produce pure and clean drinking water. However for areas with humidity level below 30% humidity and in very cool temperate climates there is an option for dual usage where the unit can be connected to an external source for a continuous supply of purified drinking water.

What’s the PH level for Firsth2o AWG unit?2015-09-20T10:43:50+00:00

The indicator for acidity or alkalinity is known as the pH value. A pH value of 7 means a substance is neutral; water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic and with a pH greater than 7 ,water is considered alkaline. The normal range for pH in surface water systems is 6.5 to 8.5. The range in a Firsth2o AWG is 6.5 to 7.5 as light alkaline.

What’s the filtration system used on FIRSTH2O AWG unit? Does it have UV?2015-09-20T10:43:23+00:00

Multi-Stage Filtration System

Our dedication to providing high-quality, great tasting water to our consumers is accomplished by our unique multi-stage filtration system. It can remove odor and infectant.

1.1. Anti-static patented air-filter:

Before air become water drop through condensation, the air must go through anti-bacterial air filter to filter out dust particles and effectively block dust in the air from entering the machine.

1.2. LF2 zeolite + active carbon filter at the bottom tank:

This device can remove organic compound, dust and large particles in the air. It can also reduce ammonia level in the water.

1.3. Sediment filter: Remove micro particles to protect RO booster pump.

1.4. Multi stage filtration system:

Our filter system not only can produce light alkaline water with pH between 7.2-7.8 but also producing tasteful purified water with mineral which bring health to our body.

1.4.1. Pre-carbon filter

Remove organic compounds, odor, free chlorine, heavy metal, etc.

1.4.2. Post carbon filter

Further remove any color, odor, heavy metal, organic compound and chlorine, at the same time

Protecting the RO membrane from chlorine and thus extend the life span on the RO membrane.

1.4.3. RO membrane

To remove micro impurity,colloid,heavy metal,soluble solids,bacteria and other harmful substances.

1.4.4. TCR carbon filter

Provide elements and minerals for human body, raise pH level to light alkaline, improve taste.

Ultraviolet Sterilization System

The proprietary ultraviolet lamp treats the water for sterilization to ensure that all bacteria and microorganism are eliminated. Sterilization process is controlled by microcomputer automatically.

  1. Top tank UV device: Eliminate bacteria grow in top tank, reduce bacteria level to minimal.
  2. Cool water out UV device: Eliminating bacteria from dispensing tubing. To ensure water is safe to drink.
  3. Bottom tank UV device: Eliminate bacteria grow in bottom tank, reduce bacteria level to minimal.
What are the advantages of FIRSTH2O air water maker units?2018-12-22T14:35:32+00:00

There are several notable aspects that define FIRSTH2O machine unit as a leader in the atmospheric water generation industry. These are:

  • Products can run on 100% outside air, which is essential for high condensate production.
  • Patented and exclusive food-grade coil coating used to eliminate metal oxide contamination or bacterial deposits.
  • Advanced filtering technology to ensure a reliable supply of fresh, pure, clean drinking water.
  • Easy to use, just turn it on and dispense the tap to get drinkable water.
  • Touch Screen for simple and easy operation and visualization.
  • Easy to maintain, just replace water and air filters periodically per manufacturer’s guidelines and do some occasional cleaning.
  • Commercial and Community water units can provide scalable solutions for delivery of clean drinking water by linking multiple units to meet volume demands.
  • Employs a high standard of 99.9% purification of water from bacteria, known viruses, air pollution and metal oxides.
  • Unit performance and maintenance needs can be monitored remotely by FIRSTH2O water Unit. (Commercial and community models only).
Can the AWG be used in less humid areas like the desert?2015-09-20T11:01:06+00:00

Our units will work as long there is humidity in the air but production does drop off significantly at the 35-37% humidity.
The good thing about humidity, it tends to go up and down in cycles.
Eg. Some areas in some countries, the humidity in the morning is around 18% but hit 80% by lunch and stays at 80% till the late evening.

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