Is there any plumbing needed for the Firsth2o AWG System, and can I attach an external water source to it?

There is no plumbing required for the Unit. Just plug it into a mains socket and it’ll be ready to produce pure and clean drinking water. However for areas with humidity level below 30% humidity and in very cool temperate climates there is an option for dual usage where the unit can be connected to

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What’s the filtration system used on FIRSTH2O AWG unit? Does it have UV?

Multi-Stage Filtration System Our dedication to providing high-quality, great tasting water to our consumers is accomplished by our unique multi-stage filtration system. It can remove odor and infectant. 1.1. Anti-static patented air-filter: Before air become water drop through condensation, the air must go through anti-bacterial air filter to filter out dust particles and effectively block

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What are the advantages of FIRSTH2O air water maker units?

There are several notable aspects that define FIRSTH2O machine unit as a leader in the atmospheric water generation industry. These are: Products can run on 100% outside air, which is essential for high condensate production. Patented and exclusive food-grade coil coating used to eliminate metal oxide contamination or bacterial deposits. Advanced filtering technology to ensure

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