Recommended Timing for Filter Replacement (It might be verified according to different water consumption.

The timing below is based on 10 liters water consumption per day.):

  1. LF2 zeolite + active carbon :1-2 months(ammonia removal)
  2. Pre-carbon filter: 3-6 months
  3. Post carbon filter : 6-9 months
  4. RO membrane : 15-24 months
  5. TCR carbon filter: 6-9 months
  6. PPF or Zeolite+active carbon: 9-12 months
  7. UV light bulb 12 months or upon UV fault warning


The above recommended service timing is for reference only.

After a long period of service, we recommend that you replace the filters to ensure that your unit will always produce the cleanest and purest drinking water effectively.