How does it work?

Air Water Machine products collect water from humidity in the atmosphere. This air is chilled to the “dew point” and the moisture is condensed onto patented, specially food-grade coated coils, then purified by advanced filtration system to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water. This technology enables significant amounts of water to be extracted

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Under what environmental conditions is an atmospheric water generator able to produce water?

Our technology will produce clean water effectively and economically from the air with humidity as low as 35%. Optimal water generation depends on average temperature and relative humidity.  Higher humidity and temperature conditions improve the cost effectiveness of producing clean water.

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What kind of energy is used and how much is required?

All FIRSTH2O models use electricity as standard design, but Solar-Powered or Wind-Powered or Diesel Generators combined can be selected as Optional source of energy can be selected and tailored-manufactured. The residential from 15L/D to 60L/D, for use in the home and office, uses 550 watts of electricity. The Commercial Atmospheric Water Generators are three-phase electrical

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What does it take to operate and maintain atmospheric water generators?

FIRSTH2O Atmospheric Water Generator units are designed to operate continuously and only require modest periodic maintenance consisting of filter changes and general cleaning. For the commercial and community products, we are designing have an option of remote monitoring via internet service that allows for predicting scheduled maintenance and monitoring of key operational parameters of the

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What kind of warranties and servicing will be available for FIRSTH2O Air Water Machine units?

We have warranties that provide replacement of defective parts for up to one year (excludes regular maintenance items such as filters) and two years warranty on compressor from purchasing date. Dirty intake air filters need to be cleaned and water filters that need to be replaced. The units have safety features that will prevent damage to

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How often do I have to change the filters?

Recommended Timing for Filter Replacement (It might be verified according to different water consumption. The timing below is based on 10 liters water consumption per day.): LF2 zeolite + active carbon :1-2 months(ammonia removal) Pre-carbon filter: 3-6 months Post carbon filter : 6-9 months RO membrane : 15-24 months TCR carbon filter: 6-9 months PPF

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