Drinking Water Fountains

Also called Drinking Fountain & Bubbler,is a fountain designed to provide an instant, fast, convenient, large capacity of Chilled and Purified drinking water.

Combined with our superior filtration systems,Firsth2o have a variety of indoor and outdoor fountains designed to be fit for every specific purpose, available in floor-standing, Pedestal mounted ,desktop, wall mounted and undersink etc. Available as cooling capacity range from 20LPH to 100LPH used ice bank cooling technology or water type cooling method.

They are perfect for busy, high use environments; such as medical facilities, office buildings, airports, shopping malls, sports arenas and other high-traffic venues,construction site,college,schools, Factories,Gymnasiums,Heavy Industry,Hospitals,Households,Kindergartens,Mine Sites,Offices,Pre-Schools,Park and Rest Areas etc.

To discuss your requirements further please contact us and view all different models available.



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