Atmospheric Water Solutions Applications

Make Pure, Clean and Safe Water from the humidity in the Air

Air-to-water technology provides a cost-effective solution to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from air and turning it into clean, healthy drinking water. Our technology is the most Eco friendly water generation method that will not disturb the current water Eco system in any measurable way.

Firsth2o AIR WATER GENERATORS are suited for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Seagoing Vessel

  • Golf Courses

  • Homes, Offices and Multi-Family Units

  • Hospital

  • Universities, Schools

  • Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief

  • Remote Towns / Work Camps/ Remote villages

  • Government / Military field operations

  • Farming / Greenhouse

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Water Bottling companies

  • Oil fields / Oil rigs

  • Drought Relief

  • Commercial & Industrial

  • Mining Site

Global warming is getting worse with each year. Our demand for water increases every year while at the same time, we drain our lakes, rivers and aquifers dry. We are running out of water fast. We have a product that can solve this water crisis. Our air-to-water technology can give the water the people need with out further damaging the environment and the water Eco system.

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