Commercial AWG

Commercial AWG series are our Industrial unit, It uses the same proven Atmospheric Water Generation technology of harvesting the humidity from the air to produce safe clean drinking water.

Water Production capacity range from 100liters per day to 10,000 liters per day.

The maxiume of our current design is 10,000 liters per day,equal to 2,645 gallons per day.

There are many intended applications for these multi-functional machines: provide clean water for military, remote camps, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, farming, residential properties, resource companies, commercial properties, golf courses, emergency preparedness, beverage/food manufacturing and applications where fresh drinking water is scarce, unavailable or difficult to access. There are six models in standards production, but we can custom make larger units to fit your needs.

  • EA-100 (100 litres or 26.5 gal per day)
  • EA-200 (200 litres or 53.0 gal per day)
  • EA-500 (500 litres or 132.3 gal per day)
  • EA-1000 (1000 litres or 264.5 gal per day)
  • EA-3000 (3000 litres or 794.0 gal per day)
  • EA-5000 (5000 litres or 1,322.75 gal per day)
  • EA-10000(10,000 liters or 2,645 gal per day)