Atmospheric Water Generators

Generates Water from air-The Atmospheric Water Generators transforms available moisture in the air into great tasting drinking water.It is a machinery device that condensing moisture in the air(the humidity in the air) into water drops,and then going through processes of collection,filtration,sterilization,finally produces the most clean and pure water.

Clean Air-The air and water-vapor is drawn into AWG unit through its electrostatic filter that remove 95%-97% of all airborne particles.The vapor forms into water droplets on the chilled good-grade Evaporator coils.

Dehumidifies air-Because Atmospheric Water Generator works by converting the humidity in the air to water,this unit also acts as an effective dehumidifiers.In Areas with high humidity,it not only acts as a good water generators,but also a perfect dehumidifiers to keep you healthy and ensure your home appliances long service time.

Purifies the water collected-To ensure high quality of drinking water,the Atmospheric Water Generators is To ensure high quality of drinking water, The Atmospheric Water Generator is utilizing multiple filtration technologies.

Water Purifiers as well-When the air is dry or during cold season, water generation will be slow. At this moment, connection to city water will make the machine serve as water purifier by utilization of the filtration and sterilization system.

Our Firsth2o Atmospheric Water Generators have high efficiency in water production and excellent automatic program.Under the working condition of low temperature,it is still able to produce water and keep the noise at low level,The minimum humidity can be up to 35%.

The key parts all are international brand to enable the device longer life span and more reliable working.

Firsth2o Atmospheric Water-Pure,Simple,Great Tasting from air.

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Water making capacities from 15liters per day to 60liters per day available, good for home or office use.Providing hot and cold water or cold water only for optional.In-advanced touch screen used.

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Industry and commercial unit with Water production from 100L/D to 5000L/D,Suitable for Farming&Greenhouse,Remote Locations,Government & Military,Emergency Relief,New Construction and etc.

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Alternative Energy water making machines,operating with alternative energy products, such as solar, wind turbines etc,they are idea for where is lack of water but also absence of electricity or unstable power supply.

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As a completely self-contained, self-sufficient mobile water trailer system all in one including Atmospheric Water Generators,Diesel Generator,Mobile Trailer and water tank idea for army use or as a crisis ready.

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Firsth2o Emergency Water Solution offers a self-contained, powered, water generation, and bottling system, that provides up to 5000 Liters of pure drinking water daily from the humidity in the air.

The AWG Container is designed for solutions such as on site emergency management at hospitals or large facilities, disaster relief, aid organization dispatch, military uses, and many others.

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Customized Design

What’s the design for the next AWG unit?

We are here to wait for you,help building customized water solutions to accommodate your specific requirements respective to application,special water production capacities,customized colors.voltage range and configuration needed to fit a given site.