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We are the most leading advanced water specialist in design,development,manufacturing,sourcing of atmospheric water generators,drinking water fountains,mains-fed water coolers,water dispensers,Ro water purifiers,soda water machines,water softeners,water boilers,alkaline water machine and water vending machines etc.

We specialized in ambient,chilled,still,boiling,carbonated filtered drinking water solutions.With a team of engineers,we successfully developed dew point condensing technology,side-stream RO membrane,UV circulation system,leaking detecting system,direct chilling systems,we have been kept upgrading.

We have advanced CNC molding equipment,professional assembly line,and testing equipment in-house to produce the major parts of each dispensers.The products from us have won many accreditation like NSF,CE,ROhs,IEC,PSE etc, which significantly has proven how high quality standards of drinking water.

From us, you would be enjoyed the most clean, healthy, pure and safe drinking water in a new, sustainable Eco-friendly way for the wide application of government building, schools, universities, hospital, airports, transit authorities, offices and residential homes etc.

Why Choose Us

With more than 10 years experience in water industry,we know exactly what you need.
Customizing various water machines to meet any requirements.
A complete diversified water machines available to meet your different needs.
We’re work hard to bring Fresh,safe,green,clean,pure,filted,great tasting water to every people…

A focus on customer satisfaction through high products quality.
We achieve this goal by continuously improving the cost effectivess and performance of all of our products as well as on innovation.

What We Do

Firsth2o, First Choice of Water Solutions’ Supplier

A complete diversified water machines available.
A commitment to high quality in water industry.
A wide applications in water solutions.
Aims to offer the most fresh,pure,clean Water.

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Atmospheric Water Generators
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Atmospheric Water Generators

Pure Water From Air, Know What You’re Drinking!

Firsth2o AWG is a humidity and temperature-driven Appliance. This means the Appliance’s ability to generate water depends entirely on the level of humidity and atmospheric temperature.

Firsth2o AWG products can generator about 30L to 5000 liters per day of drinking water depending on temperature and humidity condition.

It can be used for various residential and commercial purposes.

Drinking Water from firsth2o
Atmospheric Water Maker for Africa
Air water machine for irrigations
Military Atmospheric Water Generator
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Home & Office AWG

Water making capacities from 15liters per day to 60liters per day available, good for home or office use.Providing hot and cold water or cold water only for optional.In-advanced touch screen used.

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Commerical AWG

Industry and commercial unit with Water production from 100L/D to 5000L/D,Suitable for Farming&Greenhouse,Remote Locations,Government & Military,Emergency Relief,New Construction and etc.

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Solar AWG

Alternative Energy water making machines,operating with alternative energy products, such as solar, wind turbines etc,they are idea for where is lack of water but also absence of electricity or unstable power supply.

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Mobile AWG Unit

As a completely self-contained, self-sufficient mobile water trailer system all in one including Atmospheric Water Generators,Diesel Generator,Mobile Trailer and water tank idea for army use or as a crisis ready.

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Container AWG

Firsth2o Emergency Water Solution offers a self-contained, powered, water generation, and bottling system, that provides up to 5000 Liters of pure drinking water daily from the humidity in the air, all the equipments are well fixed in container.

The AWG Container is designed for solutions such as on site emergency management at hospitals or large facilities, disaster relief, aid organization dispatch, military uses, and many others.

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Customized Design

What’s the design for the next AWG unit?

We are here to wait for you,help building customized water solutions to accommodate your specific requirements respective to application,special water production capacities,customized colors.voltage range and configuration needed to fit a given site.

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